A Short Trip to Cameron Highland

Been to Cameron Hignland last weekend.
This is the first time we drive up there. I would like to thanks again to “Papago” to bring us there , whithout any wasted time and also some info from Ivy –  my friend.
the journey take us bout 4 hrs to reach our hotel – Rosa Passedena.
But along our way upto the hill, we also dropped by at some commercial shop. Such as Avent Chocolate, Cameron Valley….and have taken some photos there.


Due to the car running out of petrol ..hahah, Cameron Valley was the last stop for us and only spend time to look for the petrol station on our way to hotel….
Finally we found the petrol station at Brincang Town…..huh…luckily…. there is only 2 petrol station at Cameron Highland.. faint L!!! By the way, the weather is damn bad and rain heavily

After check-in at the hotel and stall our bag safely in the room, we headed for our lunch but most of the coffee shop and restaurant already close. So just simply choose 1 of the restaurant ( bak kut teh & du ka chor restaurant ) not far from our hotel…. suprisingly the food is really impressed me and I forgot to take any  photos probably I am extremely hungry already. hahaha….

We went  to the Night Market (Pasar Malam) as well after we rest at hotel for while.. the market located not far from our hotel and it is at the ,idle of the town we jus took 10 minutes to walk there. Of course we will never miss out to grab the fresh vegetable, corn and mini tomato of Cameron Highland but the food is really sucks.

So this is end of the 1st day in Cameron.


2nd day Morning, after our breakfast in hotel we check-out and headed to “Big Red Strawberry Farm”. The flower and cactus are very nice. There have also plant lot of organic vegetable…. they look green and very fresh.
I took a lot of photos there…haha

Next destination is  –  Sungai Palas Tea Plantation. After half an hour driving at the narrow, challenging and dangerous road we finally reached the factory or BOH. This is the most amazing experience for me in this trip as I can feel the greenish mountain and nice scene and it fresh air.

Our last destination is “Lou Wong” chicken rice at Ipoh but i feel that not very nice loh. :P


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  • Wah~! Very gam dong got my name.. hahah… so long you enjoy la~! I like to go the “big strawberry farm” oso… hehehe :D

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