How to make a Dog Harness?

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I got the idea from Kimono Dog Harness but I have made some modification on the free PDF pattern provided. Thanks Jill for the sharing. Set aside an hour and make your best friend one soon.

You will need:
1. Free PDF Pattern Download
2. Fabric (front & inner)
3. Bias Binding (1.5 meter –  depends on the size of your pet)
4. D-rings – 1pc
5. Big Button –  2 pcs

1. Measure your dog carefully.
Place the tape measurer just behind the front paws. Now divide that measurement by 2. Then add 2 ½.” Your final measurement is what you will need to reduce or enlarge the pattern. Take it to the copy center and reduce or enlarge the pattern until the dashed line at the bottom is the same number.
Example: My Pet measures 18”. Divide by two = 9. Add 2 1/2” = 11 ½”. I used this number.

2. Layout your fabric.
Fold fabric (both print and fleece) with selvages at the top. This will ensure that the grain is perpendicular to the tummy band and will keep it
from stretching out as you sew. Cut through the folded fabric once for each fabric giving you two mirror image pieces.

3. With right sides together, sew each piece to its partner. Use a 3/8” seam allowance. Press seams open. Repeat with fleece.

4. With WRONG sides together, pin the cotton fabric to the fleece. There is a small amount of extra fabric at your seam line (for puppy tummies) so you will need to line everything up pretty well. Stay stitch around the entire piece. Stay close to the edge and trim away any sloppy edges.

5. Binding. I use my own, but packaged works well too. There are plenty of good tutorials out there so read up if you are a beginner. Remember, your dog won’t mind if it’s a little sloppy. I like to open the binding and sew it on the top first, using about a 3/8” allowance. Then wrap the folded edge around the back and press, press, press. Carefully stitch in the ditch from the front and you should catch the folded edge around the back.

6. Put on the D -ring and the button. That’s it!

DIY Dog Harness –  Front

Side View

Top View

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