Tutti Frutti @ Now in Penang!


Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt at Island plaza.Its located just beside Starbucks and Guardian, with yoghurt flavors ranging from Original plain ordinary yoghurt(imagine like the one in JCO) to passionfruit, strawberries, mango, orange and even lychee! and you can choose all sorts of toppings…

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3 Responses to “Tutti Frutti @ Now in Penang!

  • wah, I like yogurt so much
    but Islan Plaza is sooooooooo far away, sien.
    ask them come open in QB.

  • sansan
    10 years ago

    not far lah, you may go there eat and “soon bian” watch movie….W-Cinemax (3D Cineplex) :D

  • wah. makan again…so song. macam sedapnya~~~ apa flavor nice?

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